Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Important Role of Public Education

Public education plays one of the largest roles in positive development and in eliminating poverty. Education is a necessity because "to be illiterate and unschooled is to be excluded from the possibility of a better future". The 2002 median income for all U.S. was $25,309. For those who did not finish high school, the median income was $12,632; for a higher school graduate was $21,000, and for a bachelor's degree was $40,000. Not only does a proper education help individuals earn a higher income, but public education is a basic human right and need. Education creates equality within society and allows for holistic advancement. Education allows more access to better conditions for people and is the first step towards positive change. Education levels the playing field for people by allowing everyone to have an opportunity at bettering their lives and the whole community.

The environments in which children and their families live in play an important role in school performance. Improvement of the neighborhood is essential in improving the lives of children and their families. Better neighborhoods include networks, stability, norms, sanctions, and information. The location a family lives determines which school a child attends and how good that school is.

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